Bring on the climate trolls.

Bridge to understanding

© J.Laumer

Which bridge grips the imagination most and where do the trolls reside? Questions to help understand mass vertigo in the early anthropocene.  With each promising answer, I find myself crossing both object and reflection.

As I imagine others do, I’ve long  pondered the root cause of medical vertigo.  This, you may know,  is something best done once the flat-on-the-back, room-spinning-around-head, beast-in-belly roaring is over.  Lately, however, I’m more concerned with me spinning around the world politicos have wrought, a societal form of vertigo.

On the WWW.
I’ve looked at vertigo-related blogs and websites, most of which seem bent on peddling internet patent medicine or subscription-based advice. (The science-based sites elicit troll comments at an amazing rate.)  There are,  however, some truly insightful online writings by folks like IndieChick , who struggle with intriguing questions such as…

  • Is it a coincidence that the problem started in the ear I hold my phone up to?
  • Could a viral infection have settled in my ear? An infection spread by climate change and global trade?

Why do incidences of vertigo suddenly seem common?
Once afflicted and diagnosed, one meets many others in vortex. Common professional diagnoses for vertigo are ‘BPPV’, Meniere’s Disease, ear and/or sinus infection —  to which I would add, drunk and stoned to excess. Less common: tumorous growth in inner ear, auto-immune disorder, or a brain trauma or tumor.  (The latter few may account for some Republican denial of climate realities – a suicidal act of the sort medical vertigo is sometimes able to provoke.

As the whole nation spins.
US political culture seems caught up in a society-wide vortex, swimming under a reflection ripped by digital currents and waves and driven into the collective consciousness, enabled by money from billionaires.

Where to learn more.
Use Wikipedia or WebMD to understand better the biological causes of  vertigo and then see an ENT physician.  Might have to wait for to stop spinning, sadly.

And if you wonder, as I do, how we got into Gilded Age Redux, on the path of climate suicide, ponder with me on this blog.  My intent is to field what comes to me as noteworthy and insightful: notions for which I will gladly stand corrected.


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